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Internal quality assurance (certification)

Since 2008, our internal quality management system (QMS) has been certified in accordance with standard 5 of the International Food Standard (IFS). The certificates in accordance with IFS ensure that production within the PO adheres to the internationally recognised standards. The complete quality management system (QMS) provides for consistent strict specifications in all business areas, ranging from procurement over sales to business management. IFS particularly attaches importance to the operational efficiency that guarantees a maximum of product security. These extensively regulated and documented business processes allow us to be a reliable partner while remaining highly flexible at the same time. For us, this distinction from an independent certification authority represents both an obligation as well as a task to continue to make intense efforts to improve in all business areas, but in particular in our relationship with our clients.

Quality assurance at producer level

Our member farms comply with the regulations of the QS Seal of Quality. The farms are controlled by external experts from a state-approved controlling authority. Further to complying with the regulations of “Integrated Production”, our farmers also comply with strict requirements concerning hygienic precautions, employee and environmental protection. This means that farmers do not only produce in accordance with the national regulations of the seal of quality but also in compliance with the rules of the international standards of QS GAP.

Residue Analysis

Our processed products are analysed at all production stages with respect to residue from plant protection products. Amongst others, the product analyses are made by certification authorities assigned by QS GAP.

Organic Production

Some of the member farms of the PO operate in accordance with recognised organic standards.